Thursday, May 8, 2008

Looker's whereabouts

Belgium is the hottest place in Europe nowadays, so they told on the radio. No need to go to the south...;)
The weather is also keeping me from my pc. As I used to be several hours behind my pc, I am now only at work behind my screen. But I still find some time to read my friends' blogs.
And by reading their blogs, I get to know them a little bit better.;) Don't we Tymmerie and Winter? ;)

But all this, means also that I have less time to spend on my inworld photography. I was even not online for the past two days. That never happened to me before. Is my interest fading away?
I don't think so...just need new impulses, inspiration, not only to make some nice snapshots, but also to post process them.

I am so grateful that, even after having no new messages posted for some weeks, people are still looking out for some information on my blog, or are waiting for new interesting articles to be posted. Thank you all.

I was asked in the past to write more about myself, about my experiences, about my plans, so I will try to do that.

As you were able to see on my flickr stream, I have visited Groll's Inn and Hide Out, and found some nice spots to digitalize on the canvas. In my exploration on the grid, it is in my intention to take
pictures of new or old sim's, that I have never visited before.
Finding new interesting places is not always easy to locate, so if anyone have some good ideas, you are most welcome to mention it in the comments.

Avatrait, the gallery where some of the best artists in SL® are (me included ;)) , was seen on the local NBC channel. This means that our art is one step from being shown in RL, and getting noticed. And that is what Avatrait Gallery is all about. To bring inworld art to RL.

Don't miss the next event in The Avatrait Gallery. From May, 10th, Corbett Howard is having his exhibition. As usual, this event will have a party with fireworks after the opening at 1 pm SLT.

I know this post is totally different as my previous ones, but I try to give you an idea what is coming up, and what I am interesting in on the grid. Feel free to leave your comments, if this is the way you would like me to keep on blogging.


Winter said...

Hmm guess we do Looker *winks
And so glad I can read you again. I come here everyday looking for news. Guess old habits aren't easy to quit :D
I'll give you some LMs in-world. Some you probably know others you don't. And it all depends on what you want to take pictures of.

Tymmerie Thorne said...

I do like this style! I like reading about what excites and interest you! You are an artist, after all, and the way you look at things is unique and opens my eyes to new ways of looking at things! :-)

Looker Lumet said...

thank you Winter, it will be most helpful to visit new sims to take some pictures.

Tymmerie, I am just an ordinary guy, who happens to be fascinated by photography. I am not an artist......yet;))

Lunette said...

First time visiting your blog. Thanks for mentioning The Avatrait Gallery. I was not aware of it before.

Looker Lumet said...

Hello Lunette, thank you for visiting my blog. Just wander around and you will find much more about Avatrait on this blog.
Every month they have a featured artist.

Joonie Jatho said...

So happy for the good news, Looker! And that you are back to blogging! hehe! We just can't seem to stay away.

I'm so glad you're back..oh did I say that already? ;)