Friday, May 23, 2008

Preperations for SL5B

Through the official blog and some colleague's blogs, I found out that you have to submit your subscription to this year's exhibition. So I did.
If you remember well, last year I forgot to subscribe, and on the very last day that you could build on the sim, I was asked to participate by Bella March. It was only with a slideshow, but I was there! I still appreciate that offer from Bella, although the contact with her is lost.

Now I have subscribed myself in time. I am already thinking on how and what I should show there. I have been thinking about submitting some works from the beginning of my presence in this second world, until July, almost 17 months later; The evolution of a snapshot photographer to a more post processing photographer.

Through this blog I would also like to ask if there is someone who want to help me building the stand, as I know perhaps something about Photoshop, but nothing of building and scripting.
If you are interested, you can always IM me inworld or send me an email me through this blog by clicking "contact me".

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