Thursday, May 29, 2008



Evanston, IL “ 05/28/2008 “

AVATRAIT GALLERY, Second Life's premier site for
"Digital Impressionist"art, has recently undergone
a major renovation as part of the on-going upgrades
to the Simuality sim. Their monthly features resumed
in May with an exclusive showing of images by noted
artist Corbett Howard.

Regarding the show, he wrote: "Corbett Howard exists
within the confinesof a virtual world. He is piloted
by a rather nondescript fellow, who has drawn and
painted as far back as he can remember, scratching
a living, as we all do, in the day-to-day grind,
occasionally selling a piece here and there, but
always compelled through ability and imagination to
paint and create. Upon finding this new virtual world
he saw its possibilities for creative expression. Artists
have a certain responsibility, as a place holder in
society, to reflect life - whether that life is the Real
or Second Life."

Corbett is going to have to re-think the "occasionally
selling a piece" part of that, as, for the first time
ever, an artist sold out the entire stock of "exclusive"
one-of-a-kind images in an Avatrait Gallery show!
Avatrait offers three types of images, unique "originals"
of which only one virtual copy exists, standard "virtual
prints" which many people can purchase and enjoy, and
real-world high-quality framed prints that are shipped
world-wide, and every one of Corbett's "originals" sold
in this exhibition. Another first is the "stage set"
of Corbett Howard's poster image where visitors to the
gallery can take pics of themselves, and enter them into
a contest! Come see what's happening at Avatrait gallery,

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