Tuesday, June 3, 2008

All about politics

You can read many blogs lately regarding the issue that Linden Lab is discriminating certain groups to the SL5B.
As I would think which is a proper way to react, is not to submit any art to SL5B, no exhibitions, as why are the Lindens doing that every time, over and over again? First they allow child avatars, they allow groups (GOR, BDSM), and now, at the anniversary, they refuse the builds/works/ participation of these groups.
I was not intended to write about this issue, but it seems to escalate as even the resident organizer of the anniversary celebration, SignPostMarv, who was working on the event through the whole year, has withdrawn, due to irreconcilable differences between him, Dusty and Everett Linden over ethical issues, and the degree of Linden Lab involvement in what is a Resident-ran event (and has been for at least the last 3 years).

"The SL Children communities in Second Life (adults who role-play children in a family-friendly, G-rated, wholesome, decent and fun way) had once again prepared one of their grand and enjoyable showcases -- indeed, at the third anniversary, the SL Children's displays and events were among the most popular -- but are being refused the right to participate for the first time in five years, apparently due to Linden Lab's fear of Mark Kirk and his ill-informed and unfounded assertion"
according Massively. And this assertion was described in next article

"The Chicago Tribune is carrying a story about Congressional Representative Mark Kirk of the district of Illinois. Kirk alleges that Second Life "is a risk for children, who could be sexually exploited" and has written a letter to the US Federal Trade Commission, urging them to issue a consumer alert to warn of this danger"

So, to summarize it all, Linden Lab is afraid,with the coming elections, that they (politicians) would close Second Life. And that is why they take precautions. But as in the past, they take sudden actions, without even consulting third parties, and thinking thoroughly what would be the results if they take such actions.

We did not see the last of it yet, and I would like to know where this all leads us.....it is not our second life anymore. It is even worse as our first lifes. It is no fun anymore.........
If politics is involved in what is suppose to be a distraction from real life than it ends right here.

I am thinking not to take part of this event, not to submit any pictures. I know....if I am the only one, who cares.......but if other artists would feel the same.........

One of my colleague bloggers, Raul Crimson, has wrote an article too about this issue, and posted the picture , which you can see next to this article, and also on his flickr stream.


Winter said...

OMG Looker! Was totally unaware of all those measures of Linden Lab. I had already commented the article on the Chicago Tribune a few weeks ago (it is the last comment on the news) but didn't think LL would mess with resident organised events because of politics.
They aer definitely loosing it :(

Zippora Zabelin said...

There was already an initiative for an alternative SL5B,started by Dandellion Kimban (see comments on her blogpost). Although it doesn't seem to be necessary anymore, if you read the latest posts on the Linden blog and Dandellion's own blog.
But that doesn't leave the fact that this is another example of Linden Lab's blundering way of communication.

Looker Lumet said...

Yes Winter they are to my opninion!

Zippora, the article was posted after this article of mine, but I still don't find any confirmation that they changed their point of view, because it is just put in other words. There is now a jury to decide if the pictures are allowed or not, so they still can do whatever they feel like.
But we will keep our positive thinking, let's see what improvement they made....