Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Looker Updated

As I told before on my blog, there were some things coming up. Some new challenges has been proposed to me, which I accepted gladly.

From this month on I will be on the board of the Avatrait gallery, for the next 6 months. This means that I will be able to attend the board meetings and propose things that can help all the artists, not only the ones in the gallery.
As there is a future, and artists, just as myself, are continuously improving, there is an opportunity for all artists on SL® to be a member of the gallery. We see, on a daily basis, that the quality from the images are improving, and that pushes every artist to higher level.
I am glad that I am already more than a year on the grid, because I if I had to start only now with my images, I would have never be able to be amongst those fine artists that we all know. I am grateful for that. As it was always my goal to be closer to the artists, to communicate with them, to organize events, this job as a member of the board is one that I could not refuse.
Last month there was a contest on Avatrait, and the winners were announced yesterday. You can see the pictures in the gallery inworld, but also in the flickr group. You can see the picture of Belmakor Pintens on the right.

Also, I got the request to work, to write, to be a juror for the Twilight Magazine. If you remember well, there was an interview with me in the first issue.
This magazine is one of the finest, high quality magazine that I have seen in Second Life®. That is why I did not doubt to accept the offer. It is again in the same line as my boardmembership, to be close to the artists, and to see what is going on, because there are a lot of great artists out there, who I never met, and did not hear about yet.

Now since today, there is a new group on flickr, the Twilight Magazine submissions. Belmakor wrote this:
"This group was created as a sub-group for Twilight Magazine. Our Jury suggests and votes on the artists to be in the magazine. We have a widespread jury who spend a lot of time searching Flickr for possible article contents, BUT we aren't perfect. So we created a group to let you put in two of your best works a month.. works you think will be great for the magazine! Every month the pool will be cleared after the Jury looks through it. So after it is cleared you can put two more works into the pool for the next month! Now this isn't a promise you will be in the magazine... please understand this. We just are admitting we can't see the 100s of photos you all put up everyday and want you all to have an equal chance. -Twilight Magazine Staff"

So if you are interested, did not had an invite to the group yet, join it on flickr. It will help us to find the most beautiful shots that were taken by the residents, without spending hours and hours to find the best ones. Now they will be all gathered in one group, month after month.


Winter said...

Great news Looker! :)
What have I been telling you for the last couple of months? hehehe
You better start believing in your friends :P

Looker Lumet said...

hehe, you're right Winter

Belmakor said...

Congrats on Avatrait Looker... you deserve to be on that board and I know you will do the artworld well :).

And I'm glad you are on board for Twilight! :) You will be a great asset!

Looker Lumet said...

Thanks Belmakor!;)