Monday, June 16, 2008

Open letter for SL5B protest display

How far are they going? What are their intentions? What will the future bring us?
LL manage every day to draw their attention, only it is always with bad news, never with good news. How much are we going to take?
Shoshana reacted on the new rule of LL not to exhibit child avatars and adult avatars in the same picture on the SL5B. I know, I am not the first to write about it, nor will I be the last.
Shoshana is the Art Director of SL5B, and this is what she wrote on her blog:

"This letter was sent to Dusty Linden on 12 June 2008. As of now, there has been no response. (This is not to say that she is hiding anything, but most likely a finely crafted response is necessary from the corporate lawyer.)


I realize that you don't make the rules, you just have to tell us about them. This "no adult in the same picture as a child" rule is one I am very saddened about. I will not quit working for SL5B unless you tell me to step down, but I AM working on my own protest. You should know about it so you are not surprised. Furthermore, you (LL) can decide to shut it down if you feel that it is necessary.

I am soliciting RL pictures for my SL5B display. These will be pictures of RL families. They will all be G-rated. I will review each picture before it goes into the gallery. If you wish, I will thereafter submit them to you for review.

The fact of the matter is that I strongly disagree with LL's position on this. I trust that this form of civil disobedience will be seen in the light in which it is intended ... as part of my support for Second Life and its continued diversity.

-- Shoshana Epsilon, Art Director, SL5B"

I think it makes no sense, every friend I know agrees, but LL seems not to understand, or is frightened for the politicians. Who will say?
I know politicians can make quiet a good soup of ridicules rules, but that LL would take the same direction, was something I would never expect they would do.
Will they never learn from the past? Are they really tired of us? As I also wrote last week about the message with logging in, I think LL is making work of decreasing its population in SL®. I will never know why, but this last decision is really absurd. And not because Stephen Venkman, friend, colleague, and family man was involved in this.
I will support Sho, Venk and all the others who are protesting against this.


raulcrimson said...

You know my position about this issue, Looker. Shoshana is being brave confronting Linden Lab defending her ideas.
Even i heard some voices trying to defend Linden Lab (and they are not Lindens for what i know) trying to justify Linden Lab's actions for what we can call "business needs".
That is so sad, following that phylosophy you can justify almost anything.

Shoshana Epsilon said...

Looker, I've gone a step further. I want to set up our own, resident-run celebration. See my newest blog entry.

-- Shoshana