Friday, June 6, 2008

SL5B- a new beginning

I won't write about the Lindens, I just want to inform you that I decided to participate after all at the SL5B.
This decision has in fact nothing to do with LL, it is just in respect for my friends, Sho, Venk and Codie, who are working as volunteers to set up this event with all artists on the grid.
I went yesterday evening on the sim, to find me a spot. The best were already taken, but it doesn't matter where I will be showing my pictures, as long as I am part of the event. As long as we can show all residents who we are, what we do, and make new friends, which we already did.
This is the best support that we can give the organizers, just to be there, and not quitting.
I can understand if there are people not submitting their art this year for the well known issues, but the problem is, they will not hurt LL, only people who have "nothing" to do with LL and who are doing their utmost for this yearly event, which is a celebration for all of us, despite what they decide in San Fransisco.


Anonymous said...

Looker, i understand and respect your decision, and sure you will have in me one of the visitors to your show in SL5B. I posted an Update on my post about why i'm not in SL5B, i think was not enough clear in my post.

Looker Lumet said...

As I wrote on your blog, they can not expect you to wait until they might change their mind. Therefore your decision is perfectly understandable and is well motivated.