Thursday, July 3, 2008


I was informed that there was a new website of "". I had to check that out of course, and I liked what I saw. It has a clear overview of all possibilities, except that I was looking where to find my blog, was a little bit difficult. I found it under "MMORPG Blog Directory".
As I was ranked with a 8.5 a few weeks ago, I had to see where I was ranked in general.
I can not help it...even when I don't blog I want to be in front...;)
What appeared? I am ranked 6th, out of 92 blogs in this category. After the "Official Linden blog" , "Second Life Herald" and "SLOG" blog, but before "Torley Lives", who is ranked 10th.
I wonder how the blogs were ranked in the first place, but I have to admit that I am flattered, and is in fact a confirmation that I can not stop this blog.
So I ask my dear readers to be patient, until my workload in RL has decreased, so I can start with fresh energy to maintain my position in the virtual world blogosphere.

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