Saturday, August 16, 2008


Press release
Evanston, IL “ 08/15/2008 “

Once again, an artist has sold out their show at the
popular Avatrait Gallery in Second Life. This time
it was Keiko Morigi, whose dramatic "When I Should
Be Sleeping" exhibit sold all of the exclusive
one-of-a-kind images offered. Morigi's vision
evokes a dream-like universe, where the bizarre
and the beautiful intermingle with the playful
and the stark.

Avatrait is the leading proponent of the new
"Digital Impressionist" genre, and the fact that
each new show has been selling out in-world is a
testimony to the growing demand for this art.
With the upcoming exposure at the international
Festival della Creatività , being held in Florence,
Italy this October, the popularity can only be
expected to be increasing.

It's now clear that the much-celebrated original
Avatrait Gallery space is no longer expansive
enough to meet the growing demand for its artists'
shows. As such, Avatrait founder Greg Houston
(Track Hax in SL) declared that it's time for
Avatrait to move from its home on Simuality island,
and pioneer a new "all art" locale. He presented
this concept to the Avatrait Board (a group of
well-known Second Life artists whose input is
essential to keeping Avatrait at the forefront of
SL art), and challenged them to create a fresh new
site, out of their own visions, for not only a much
larger new gallery space, but offices, lecture hall,
theater, shop, and a sculpture garden. Work has
begun on the new "Avatrait island" and it is hoped
that everything will be ready for a grand opening
before the Florence events this Fall.

The Avatrait Gallery is in Second Life at
and on the web at

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