Sunday, September 7, 2008

Looker Lumet at the Avatrait Gallery

As you all know, and as mentioned in my previous post, there was an exhibition opening on Saturday of my pictures, at the Avatrait Gallery.
I used to take a lot of pictures at such events, but this time I was too much busy in answering all the IM's an keeping an eye on the local chat, so I would not miss a conversation or a sentence towards me.
Can you imagine someone just congratulates me, and I would not see it, and not respond to that comment. How would you feel? You would probably think..: okay he's busy...he did not see the message...., but nevertheless you would be disappointed. So instead of taking pictures I was talking to a lot of people, who visited the gallery.

I was pleased to see a lot of new faces, but also very familiar faces, my dear friends.
This post is actually a word of thank you, to all the visitors of Saturday, and of course especially my friends, because, to be honest, where would I be without them?
From the beginning of 2007, my career as photographer on SL has grown to a level I would never dreamed of. Okay this is only SL, but I am pleased with it.
I have learned, and in the meanwhile met so many people in this world, that I can not imagine that I would ever leave this, except perhaps if all my friends would suddenly disappear....
So, thank you all for helping to make the exhibition, and thus also my pictures, a great success.


Anonymous said...

Proficiat Looker, sorry dat ik er niet kon geraken. Maar ben vandaag al eens gaan kijkje nemen en het zijn idd allemaal pareltjes en ze worden steeds maar beter en beter! Op naar de 1500! Dan geef je toch een vat zeker?



Summer Wardhani said...

Well, that is indeed GREAT news, LL !! One has only to look at how much you've improved along the way to start swaying at your next surprises !! :D

*me starts displying fireworks all over the place - hehehe

Looker Lumet said...

Dank je Inex, we houden je op de hoogte van mijn toekomstige plannen!;)

In fact Summer, you wrote almost exactly the same as Inex did. Thank you my friends!!