Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Meet the artist at Avatrait

On Sunday was the first “Meet and Greet” with Looker Lumet at the Avatrait Gallery. Where I expected that no one would show up, I was more than pleased to see how many people where interested to talk to the artist. And not just anybody, no …., some great artists as well……Mecca…Cienega…Taff Nouvelle…Kiya McMallon and so many others.
The questions asked by those visitors where not only greetings like :How are you? and How have you been?, but more direct art questions. How do I put up a scene for the pictures? How are the techniques for particular pictures? How do I manage the lighting in the pictures?

Even after the foreseen hour, people were dropping in the gallery. And afterwards, when I already left the building, comments were coming in IM.
I have to say, that I never expected this success, and I am already looking forward to the next” meet the artist”.;)

Last night I have visited another gallery in SL, at Cetus, with art from Winter Nightfire, an artist from San Fransisco, who showed her digital work to me.
I only met her at my opening at the Avatrait gallery, but it seems that I have not heard the last of her. Maybe even an exhibition…..from Looker…at Cetus?

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