Monday, October 6, 2008

Busy weekend

I had a nice long talk yesterday with Patrick Hufschmid, the designer and builder of RL and SL guitars, and lately, as you could read in my previous post, SL watches. The difference between all the watches, which can be found in SL, this one is really something.

He has updated his product already, as he is constantly trying to improve, which is remarkable. If you turn the watch (the side on your wrist), you can actually see the watch working. Amazing!! Don’t ask me how he did that. This is not just a copy from a picture and put into a watch. This is so much more.

If you don’t like the color, just change it, if you don’t like the light, just turn it off.

It is quality stuff, as we are used to see from him.

Since this weekend, I have also my own photo studio on Dream beach. Not big, but just enough to have the work done properly. I have installed a white room, where I can rez nearly anything, and post process the images later. I also put a CW studio, with lots of poses and backgrounds. As being the CYD photographer, I had lately quiet a few photo shoots, and this studio can only make the work easier.

Thank you Hellboy, for giving the opportunity!

After the September show at the Avatrait gallery, which was a big success, I am already preparing myself for the next show. So, keep tuned, I will inform you when and where.

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