Friday, October 17, 2008

KOINUP's new SL places Directory

Press release KOINUP

You are invited to join Koinup and place your favorite locations from SL in their Places Directory. The newest feature allows members to upload a photo of a location and its slurl in order to share with fellow members some of your favorite sims inside of SL. You can visit the site in order to see what locations are already listed. The Places Directory is one of the fastest growing features of Koinup. Koinup members are quickly realizing the importance of such a directory and using it to discover new sim openings. Photographers are using it to find lovely photographic landscapes and event planners are using it to help spread the word about upcoming events.

There is a Coolest Places category ( ) and if a location is listed there it means that many viewers have chosen that particular location as their favorite, thus helping to make that location become part of the Coolest Places category. Presently, there are more than 1,000 wonderful places shared on the Koinup site. Members find the Places Directory very helpful due to it being used to help them discover new locations to visit. Sim owners are the ones who are really reaping the benefits from their sims appearing in the Places Directory. Many sim owners are beginning to use the Places Directory as a promotional tool to promote their sims. If you are a sim owner and you place your sim in the Places Directory it can help to drive traffic to your sim and help you reach a different target market that you may not reach without using Koinup. The rapid growth of Koinup's Places Directory proves that members are interested in new locations and events. All they needed was a place to go to find it and Koinup has offered that unique element within its growing list of features. Koinup invites you to visit and share your 2nd life.

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