Monday, October 20, 2008


It has already been some days ago since I visited the sim “Lost World”. I received the landmark a while back from Kiya Mc Mahon, and, although I had not much time, went there for a short visit. Immediately I noticed the beauty of this sim, the details of the ruins, the virtual nature…. I only had the time to take a shot at one spot, but was already convinced that I had to return to this beautiful place, to take more snapshots.

I posted that first picture already some weeks ago, and noticed the nice comments on that picture, which made me decided to return as soon as possible.

As I am almost every day online, but not that long, I had to see that I could be there at a quiet moment, with not too many IM’s.

I was able to take lots of picture, but even than, did not had the possibility to turn every stone upside down. Again I was fascinated by its beauty, and I must admit, I maybe made the best picture ever, until now. I let you decide of course, but I am already pleased with the comments on these series.

I f you are an explorer of the sims, and want to see another great build, made by lolmac Shan, just follow this link….

Kiya also build a gallery on this sim, with various pictures of some of the best artists in SL. Worthwhile to check this out too.

To see the series of "Lost World" on my flickr stream, you can follow this link.