Monday, November 24, 2008

Avatrait Gallery Presents: The artist of Avatrait.

picture by Ryker Beck

We will be opening a new Gallery on our own dedicated Sim for Avatrait. Prad Prathivi and Corbett Howard have been working very hard on this new build and surrounding buildings that will house our training facility, Machinima theater, and artist store. This show is dedicated to the artist of the gallery, the trip that Avatrait Gallery made to Florence and the book that was a result of that effort. We want to thank all of the artist and the patrons for their efforts and their support over the last year and a half. We are pleased to announce the DJ for the after party: Ketsy (Jhuzen Ketsugo). . Also we have acquired for your viewing pleasure the talented Mariann McCann to shoot off an awesome array of fireworks. This is an opening not to be missed! So put down those after Thanksgiving shopping bags...take a break from the relatives and come party with some of the best sl artist on the grid!! Landmark to follow on opening day!

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