Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Some days ago, I was looking for a nice place where I could take some snapshots to post process, because I hadn't posted on flickr for a few days. As I think it is important to post on a regular base, I needed some fresh pictures. Surfin' my way through the flickr streams, I stumbled on a place called "Athan". I saw some potential in what I saw, but could not think, at that point, what I was going to do if I had pictures from that sim.
I typed the name "Athan" in "search", and found the slurl of this place. They did not mention however, that you were supposed to wear swimming trousers, as I landed under water.;)
I decided to fly over the sim with my camera, without changing from spot.

This island has great potential for a photographer like me, and I took several shots, with different sky settings.(thanks to Torley's windlight settings.;))
After being occupied for several minutes taking pictures, I saw in the "castle" some white trees, and wanted to take a closer look. Two big mirrors were placed between the trees, which were in fact vendors for a male and female skin of an ice elf. Really wonderful for those who are looking for fairytale characters.
It took several hours to determine what I should do with the pictures. Trying different things out, I made the first ones with a yellow/sepia look, but, as I kept on trying different effects, I found a way to have a stormy, red colored sky, with some yellow lightning in it.
I post this, because I think this sim is certainly a "must " for all who want to take landscape snapshots inworld.
You will be able to find my pictures on my flickr stream, and if you like to visit the place, you can follow this link.

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Winter said...

Thank you for the inspiration Looker. Went there and spent a few hours exploring. The islands are simply breath taking.
If you like take a look at my set on flickr to see my "version" of it hehehe