Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The NEW Avatrait Gallery

Last Saturday was the opening of the new Avatrait Gallery. And apparently there were more people interested in seeing the magnificent builds of Prad Prathivi and Corbett Howard. But they came not only to see the builds of course.
35 Artists have made serious efforts to make a wonderful piece for this opening. All the works are displayed next to each other in a big circle.
I think it was a great success, with fireworks and a dance party afterwards. The fireworks were really special. I did not see anything like it before in Second Life.
So, the December show is an honor to all Avatrait artists, and a great start for this new gallery, which is expanding and being known in RL too!

From 2009, the Avatrait Gallery will try to show two artists per month, instead of one. The gallery is now big enough to display two shows and give the opportunity to its artists to be part of an event that will always have a special place in the history of their SL lives, and in the annexes of the gallery.

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