Monday, December 1, 2008

The new "Role Magazine" is out !!!!

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!

"Role Magazine is a monthly publication dedicated to highlighting the many facets of Second Life™ and to showcase the most interesting people, places and things in a high quality magazine production.

Role Magazine covers fashion news, specific designers and trends as well as artists, entertainment, subcultures, literary and technical aspects of the daily Second Life™.
Role Magazine is produced in Second Life™ and published in-world as well as on our webpage."

A new magazine is born, and I am proud to write for them, as the first issue is really a hit, with a variety of articles as their introduction says. Every avatar will find at least one article of his interest. The quality of this issue is beyond the normal magazines we have seen so far inworld.
I know, I have said that before...of the Twilight magazine, but this one has certainly the same level of quality and even offers you more with the different articles.
As I was asked only at the very last minute to write for this magazine, it was also a big surprise for me to see the result.
I am already anxious to see what next issue will bring us...;)

You can find the magazine in world or on the website with this link.

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