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SECONDLIFE: HALO GUITARS, DECEMBER 19, 2008 – A major step forward in the music merchandise industry in Secondlife began this morning with the release of the OCTAVIA 8 string guitar from HALO Guitars. Brought into Secondlife through an officially licensed partnership with Hufschmid Guitars, the OCTAVIA is the first of many models from HALO Guitars to be sold in-world at the Hufschmid Guitar shop located at

The OCTAVIA 8 String is an exact replica of the real HALO model. Hours of design and development went into bringing this guitar into Secondlife. No detail was overlooked including its physical size, which is to scale. The deep black color and slightly beveled edge around the shape gives it a more three dimensional look and is fully prim constructed. OCTAVIA’S classic, yet aggressive look is what any star rocker and entry-level axe slinger would call a must-play in their virtual shows.

HALO’s OCTAVIA comes with all the playable features, custom animations (23), sounds and effects that you get in Hufschmid guitars. Even the HALO guitar case the OCTAVIA comes in was custom designed and made to look real and professional. The case can be worn on the back just like the guitar.

HALO Guitars in Houston TX has over 200 professional musicians and groups playing their guitars. HALO began in 1999, with two friends (Waylon Ford & Belinda Lee) in a dimly lit studio while reading over some guitar magazines. The common subject at hand centered on how drastically guitar prices had inflated to the general public. From that moment, the wheels were set in motion and a new company formed with the intent to create guitars both built solid and priced correctly… a company that would not be attacked by the Green-Eyed Monster known as Greed. The new millennium brought forth HALO Guitars – a company that provides instruments for musicians that are BUILT BY MUSICIANS and PRICED FOR MUSICIANS ®.

HALO Guitars delivers handcrafted instruments with high-performance parts, pure playability, unyielding tone, and an amazing visual style. HALO has continued to evolve year-after-year, offering The Demon Series, Hand-Carved & Art Series, The Select Edition, and the availability of EVERY model built in a 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 string extended-range version.

HALO is here for musicians and maintains an open mind for anything new that is requested. This is true in real and Secondlife as Waylon Ford is in-world as Waylon Krokus.

Hufschmid Guitars in Montreux, Waadt, Switzerland is owned and operated by Patrick Hufschmid whose passion with the guitar began when he was in his early teens. He started in music very early and spent most of his time as a child playing the piano and later, the violin. After many years of practice on the guitar Hufschmid realized that to be totally satisfied he needed to create his own designs and instruments.

Hufschmid’s aim is to bring the maximum possibilities (range, ergonomics, comfort, intonation, sound quality, sustain, etc) to the player. Specializing in baritone guitars, Hufschmid firmly believes the guitar is at its best with the added richness of at least a seventh string. He also makes eight and nine stringed instruments.

As a player himself, he is well aware of the ingredients necessary for the guitar and player to excel. This is also true in Second life as Patrick Hufschmid is in-world Patrick Hufschmid Beaumont.

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