Friday, January 2, 2009

New edition "Role Magazine"

First of all..a happy New Year and prosperous 2009 to all the readers and their family.

With this first article on my blog in 2009 I want to inform you all, that the new edition of the "Role Magazine" is out.
Again, the team has accomplished an even more interesting magazine for you this time. Of course there are articles about fashion, but also about art, travelling in SL, in and out the inworld house and other stories.
This is only the second edition, but you can see at the website, that there is a whole team working with a lot of professionalism, to make an outstanding magazine in and about the virtual world as we know it.
To read the magazine, you can either choose the following link, but also inworld you can read the magazine, by clicking on one of the many kiosks, which places are to be found on the website,

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