Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blog time

Ooww, I haven't been posting anything since February 7th. That is too long.

Writing a blog and keeping it up to date isn’t easy. I started in 2007, but have to admit that, due to circumstances, I am not able anymore to blog every day. I think it is a shame, and I regret that, but there is turning back.

Being active in Sl as the photographer of CYD records, writing articles in the Role magazine and being on the board of the Avatrait Gallery gives me not much time left to do the daily stories on my blog.

Nevertheless, I want to write now and than, to keep the few readers left on my blog up to date.

This evening I will be visiting the opening of Winter Wardhani’s first solo exhibition. Woot!!! She was the one who offered me some time ago to do my first solo exhibition at Portucalis. I am glad to see that she has her own show now.

In the meanwhile all articles for the next edition of the Role magazine are submitted and being edited. According Ofelia, the new edition looks again very promising. She told that the February edition alone, had already 4000 readers. So the curve is still climbing….. and so is the content of the magazine!! Don’t miss it, ‘cause this time I wrote an article about Feathers Boa…pssst…that should be a secret.;)

At the Avatrait gallery, Harry Huffmann is featuring this fortnight’s exhibition. On Friday at 2 PM SLT I will host the “Meet the artist” at the gallery inworld, so if you should have any question that you always wanted to ask Harry, but you never had the chance, come over and enjoy the chat hour with one of the most talented photographers in SL.

Some of you may have already noticed that I have found a new “toy”, that is called “Plurk”. Since the end of January, I am registered at “Plurk”, and that is fun doing, because I can not log in on SL at work, but I can plurk, and keeping myself very well aware of things that are happening inworld and in RL among my friends.

And between all these activities, I try to work on new pieces, learning every day what Photoshop has to offer, to make my works a bit more than just common. Thanks to some “new”and some "old" friends I have been able to find some inspiration again to continue my life as a photographer in SL, and even more than that.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

MechanizedLife - Grand Opening

Press release

In mid-January, CodeBastard Redgrave, creator of the MachinimaCam HUD and creator of the acclaimed Boudoir Rouge portrait series, completed the purchase of MechanizedLife from Alidar Moxie. Moxie chose to scale back her in-world business responsibilities and approached Redgrave with the opportunity to purchase MechanizedLife’s full catalog of scripted products. MechanizedLife products are scripted tools designed to make your Second Life more enjoyable and include a range of products for both casual users and business owners.

Since the purchase, Redgrave, a talented scripter, has completed, updated and released a number of items that she had built alongside Moxie in late 2008, created the new RezURL product and has opened the official MechanizedLife website (http://www.mechanizedlife.com) which contains product information, technical documentation and direct links to each product’s XstreetSL page. Working with Rouge sim builder Eshi Otawara, Redgrave has expanded the Rouge Boutique on her iconic sim to make room for the new MechanizedLife main store.

On Saturday, February 7, 2009, Redgrave will host the Grand Opening of the new MechanizedLife. The all-day event will begin at 11:00am SLT with a press conference, followed, at noon, by a marathon, Rouge-style dance party featuring renowned Second Life DJs Nexeus Fatale, Amanda Shinji, DJ Genki, DJ Plusminus and more!

To celebrate the Grand Opening, all MechanizedLife and Boudoir Rouge products, including the BR individual and couples poses will be offered at 50% off regular price.

“The current MechanizedLife clients are incredibly loyal to the brand and I wanted to share this occasion with them and give them an opportunity to try some of our newer products at a substantial discount,” Redgrave said. “We also wanted to welcome new clients to the MechanizedLife family by giving them a chance to try our products without breaking the bank.”

Though the transition is ongoing, the products and MechanizedLife website have already been moved to servers personally hosted and maintained by Redgrave. This move was completed without any interruption of service.

Moxie will continue to provide support, as deemed necessary by Redgrave, for the next several months and Paypabak Writer will continue to provide first-line customer support just as she always has.

The full selection of scripted MechanizedLife products will be offered alongside Redgrave’s existing line of products including the MachinimaCam and FilterCam HUDs, the Boudoir Rouge brand of individual and couples poses, and the Dramavatar brand of eyes and clothing. All of these products can be found in the Rouge Boutique.

Teleport to MechanizedLife at Rouge Boutique and Press Conference.

Teleport to MechanizedLife at Rouge Boutique and Grand Opening Dance Party.

Monday, February 2, 2009

AM Radio in the February issue Role Magazine

"ROLE Magazine is pleased to announce the publication of our February issue!

Among the many features and topics of interest this month we include the announcement of our Grand Prize winner from the ROLE Magazine Photo Flickr contest, a cover story on the mysterious Arcadia Asylum, a lush fashion spread highlighting sensual lingerie in time for Valentine’s Day, an expanded section for men and a feature on artist AM Radio.

For your convenience, ROLE Magazine is available in 2 formats. Our in-world magazine is available at our many kiosk locations and offers the option of clicking the HUD’s menu button to receive a notecard of all referenced SLURLs. Our web version is available at www.role-magazine.com and features “clickable” SLURLs.

As always, the team at ROLE Magazine thanks you for your continued interest and support. We hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoyed creating it!"

This month I wrote an article about AM Radio. He was so kind to do an interview with me. The article can be read in the magazine at page 60.