Monday, March 2, 2009

Looker Lumet at the Avatrait Gallery site

As you all should know, Avatrait, the inworld gallery, has a new website. Everyone can join this site, and upload their images to share. So it is not only meant for the Avatrait artists, but also for every SL lover wanting to share their snapshots to the world.

The Avatrait Gallery not only produces virtual art for sale in-world, but creates real-world versions available to order. As popular as the Gallery has been, the amount of Second Life art that can be featured in it at any given time is limited, so we decided to develop a web site that would allow all those interested in this new genre to store, share, and even sell their works.

The new Avatrait web site is, obviously, a "work in progress", with new features and capabilities coming on-line all the time. Currently, there are only two types of membership, the Gallery Artists (who are part of the in-world Gallery collection), and Free Members.

Avatrait is largely a "labor of love" for a small group of dedicated individuals, and they frequently find themselves having to deal with having too few hours in the day/week/month to get everything that they're wanting to have (in terms of both functionality and content) on the site done.

But they are getting thing at the time. A few artists have already their frontpages. You can have a look at mine on this link.

If you're not a member yet , join today, and you will see what magnificent art people can make with the snapshots they took inworld. And who knows, you might be one of them in the near future.


aRa Sheridan said...

awwww love the pict!!!

Summer W said...

Have I told you that I absolutely love this new stage of your art ? :d I DO!!