Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Freak Show & Avatrait @ ModaSL!

Avatrait began in Second Life back in 2007, initially as a service that allowed SL residents to order high-quality framed prints of in-world portraits of their Avatars. As we reached out to talented S.L. photographers, we discovered that there was a whole new type of art being produced in Second Life, and decided to open up the Avatrait Gallery to feature the best of these artists.

The Avatrait Gallery not only produces virtual art for sale in-world, but creates real-world versions available to order. As popular as the Gallery has been, the amount of Second Life art that can be featured in it at any given time is limited, so we decided to develop a web site that would allow all those interested in this new genre to store, share, and even sell their works.

As you all noticed, the gallery has disappeared for a couple of weeks now, and that is also why we had to move to the gallery garden for Joshua's show, which was a success, btw.

We had to look for a new location and found it eventually. All need still to be rebuild, but the co-operation with ModaSL is a fact.

What is behind the project ModaSL?
ModaSL is a sim dedicated to Fashion, Glamour, Design and Art related to Second Life. Its not commercial approach will allow creation, presentation, promotion and design of all new trends related to the world of fashion and all its derivatives. Composed of different areas depending on the examined field, ModaSL tend to become a solid point of reference for those who create and follow fashion, and new insights about the virtual design. The channels are muliple infact: two exhibit areas, one indoor and one outdoor, as a gallery space and for dynamic presentation of objects of design. There will be two runways to make way for new stylists or new collections. And also a cinema / auditorium to provide space to art film linked to Second Life, an information point where Miss Bliss Janus welcomes questions, giving informations and advices about new shops and new international trends, an "Outfit of the Week" area with references to combinations and LM, a building dedicated to bloggers, which will become home base within the metaverse of all important fashion blog runners around Second Life, a fashion school and last but not least, the famous Fashion Café, meeting place for parties, discussions and community. And finally, about 1000 meters high, you can now find the famous Freak Show, an area dedicated to the Visual Art of Second Life.

ModaSL is part of the region that includes ItaliaSL, both Jacopo Perenti's SIMs, and that ModaSL will be completed shortly and is going to be ready to host fashion shows, exhibitions, galleries, presentations, and many more.

More information on the Avatrait gallery will be up soon.

So, stay tuned Freaks and Avatrait fans!!!!!! A lot of fun and art @ ModaSL!!!!!

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