Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lost World in the new issue of Role Magazine

Role Magazine is pleased to announce the publication of our May, 2009 issue. As we celebrate the release of our 6th issue we take a closer look at the challenges surrounding enforcement of residents’ Intellectual Property rights including trademark and copyright issues.

If you’re considering strolling down the aisle during the upcoming wedding season, be sure to look at our fashion spread which features a lovely selection of nuptial attire. As always, we bring you articles on the latest trends; hot finds and kawaii, fashion tips for men and women; and, features on the subjects of house and living, art, music, literary, travel, property and more.

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As always, the team at ROLE Magazine thanks you for your continued support and encouragement!

The article I wrote this month for the Role Magazine is about "Lost World" and more in particular lolmac Shan and Kiya McMahon.

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Noelani said...

This month's cover is wonderful!