Friday, May 29, 2009

You are hanging on a VERY thin thread

I was reading some plurks and stumbled on one from Hyang Zhao, who wanted to reset her password for SL, but seemed to have forgotten her security question. Peter Strindberg wrote a blogpost about it.

So, even when you have a premium account with all your private information, credit card numbers, RL name and address, you can not change your password at LL. It must not be easy for Hyang to find support on that matter since she is Russian, and will have to call to the US, which she already did, but without any result so far.

After being on the grid for more than two years, this proves again what you money is worth to LL, what you are worth to them. You're just an avatar, a genuine pig to them. They use your information to improve their game, their business, without thinking of the people who brought them so far as they are now. It is a shame.

I know Hyang is getting support from her friends, but at the end, she will have to clear it with the Lindens. And if they can not help her, she will have to build her personality in SL from scratch, although she is a well known person in the community.

I only can say, beware! You're just a number, an avatar...not a person!

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