Monday, June 29, 2009

Iam Yumako @ the Avatrait Gallery

Come and join us on July 4th to the wonderful DreamWorld of Iam Yumako at the Avatrait Gallery. This artist has prepared some interesting views on the virtual world, from fairytale to futuristic cyberart.
The show starts at 1pm SLT, as usual, and we will have great music from DJLucifer.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Freak Show - GODart - The New Project

A new project is born. That is the least we can say about the next project from Freak Show. Loglady Loon published all about it on this blog.

Are you ready freaks? This the new project of Freak Show.

"Tell me what is your religion.
Religion is not only a spiritual organization with symbols, beliefs and practices. Religion is linked to Trascendental and Spiritual concepts, and also with the consciousness of the Limit of Human Mind. Who believes in no-one over us, who believes in a Thinking Entity that rules the world, who doesn’t care about the meaning of life, who thinks that Religious Institutions are only a way to control people, joined into the same symbol. Who needs Religion to live better, who entrusts all the life to God. In the name of God history took place; wars, homicides, love, humanity, help, solidarity, lies, power, self-improvement.
Religion defines our culture, traditions, hates; Religion creates rules and liberty; Religion can be destructive or creative.
Tell me in what you believe. Show me your personal concepts of Religion. Do it through SL medium, this blank canvas available for you, in which you can explain your idea with freedom.
I know, it’s another hard theme, full of delicate arguments. No censor as always, everyone can explains own vision of Religion and Faith. And I want to underline that a different thought about Religion is not offensive, but only personal. And we have to respect all different points of view. Cause world is various, and this show wants to link all this concepts together.
So, show me your GODart, the art of God, even if you think he is dead :)
This will be the first Artistic Showroom about the concept of God. God as faith, God as life, God as hate, God as an Entity or as Caos, God as Nature or as Organization. Your Religion: past, present, future. Utopia, Reality, or only.. Myth."

I can't wait to see what art is shown by some of the greatest artists in Second Life.
If you think you are up to it, go the blogpost and join the IW group.

I have never had a piece in the shows of Freak Show, but I am certainly going to try to submit a work of mine this time. The idea is so general, and yet a theme, that it is possible to go in any direction. Whether you're a believer or not, this theme can be expressed in different ways.