Friday, August 28, 2009

Avatrait Gallery on the move

After 3 shows at Kapako, the Avatrait Gallery will move again to another sim.
We were lucky that Mecca Merosi gave us the opportunity to have our shows at her sim, while we were looking for other possibilities.

Finally Coolz0r Courier offered to put the gallery on his sim . Landmarks will be given soon, after our hard work to put the gallery back in his glory.;)

On September 5th, the gallery will be opened with a brand new show of Sebcaen Ulysse's works.

Eventually, for the visitors of the gallery, nothing, or at least not much will change. The gallery stays the same, it is just moved to another sim.

Thank you Mecca, for hosting us these past months, thank you Coolz0r, for giving us this opportunity, and thank you, visitors of the gallery, for your everlasting support.

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