Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Avatrait Gallery will have a new show at a new location!!

The Avatrait Gallery has moved several times over the past year to find a good location. Several friends of the gallery have offered their land for a temporary settlement.
The past location was perfect, if it wasn't for the limitation of the visitors. I doubted a long time, because it was only needed for a couple of hours per month, but finally decided to move again.
Naima Rejkus, known from the DBL gallery, has offered her land to be the new home for the Avatrait Gallery. This will not mean that the DBL gallery will disappear, on the contrary.
It will open again in the near future, and a s a neighbour of the Avatrait Gallery.

Naima Rejkus will be the PR manager of the Avatrait Gallery in the future, and, just like the past show, we will have machinima at the gallery. The set up of this machinima event will be done by the Media Techs of the Avatrait Gallery, Veronika Garzo and Bulli Shumann from TEKSTUFF.
In the month of April, there will be no machinima event, because of the change of settings by "youtube", but we will have the nicest videos of SL again in May.

For the April show, the Avatrait Gallery is proud to present five artists.
Ariel Brearly, Mariella Tammas, Djibu Fabre, WhoFliesLikeTheWind Writer, known as "Wind", and Babe Topaz will show each of them four originals, never shown inworld or on any other site.

The Avatrait Management will be glad to welcome you on Saturday, April 10th 2010 at 1PM SLT at the new location.