Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Calling to the moon by Looker Lumet

As the death line is coming closer, I needed to find a subject, for taking pictures and submitting in time for the New Mardes photo contest.
Talking to friends, and asking for good ideas, there was a proposal to try a RL photography in SL.
Before thinking it over, my good friend, Dante Kish and Inex Dix, was already preparing this event, when I logged back in the next day.
What was it all about?
Well, there is a well known photographer, Spencer Tunic, who succeeds to take pictures of a group naked people, somewhere, in a famous city, all over the world. The idea was trying to do the same in SL. Only, there was not much time left, as we need to have submitted our picture before the end of the month.
So, in a few days, we would need to have a spot, where we could work without being disturbed, we would need as much avatars as possible, and all this had to be organized.
First we thought about our old Doornroosje, but that was not possible, due to the limitation and restriction of having things put there, and Eaglewolf, who possible could change that, was away for the weekend, and could not be contacted.
One day later, Dante had organized a beautiful place up in the SL sky. There was no better place to do it, no interference from outside, no one would know it, except of course the avatars who excepted the invitation of joining this event, and be part of something special in SL.
Sunday evening was it suppose to take place.
I did not count them, but there were a lot, who all were volunteer to pose naked in group in front of the "camera".
I do have to thank Dante, Inex, Winter, Sammy, and all the others, who made this happen.
Although I am still doubting to submit one of these pictures for the contest, I will have to decide very soon now, as the 30th of May is not far away.;)
But as an event in SL, it was very nice to do, and a very great experience.
A very big thanks to all the avatars who participated to this exceptional event!


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vint said...

I actually think the prep.bmp is vewwy vewwy nice too. But glad you went with the butterflies!