Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Strip Search Contest @ Paradise Lost

Yesterday evening, after a quiet chat and exploring moments on sl, I received an urgent request from Vint Falken "to get my ass over at Paradise Lost", as there was a contest going on , and I had to vote for here.
I did not know what for a contest she was talking about, did she make another egg, or something....?
Arriving at the Paradise Lost, everything was becoming clearer, as I saw it was a strip search contest, and Vint was dancing again at the pole. That must have been ages ago for her.
Nevertheless, I had a great night dancing and stripping with some friends, and discovered only this evening that Vint has won. Congratulations Vint!
And thank you Andromega and Pieter for the "Chippendales" moments.:)


vint said...

Again: Ty for dropping by. And yes it was 'meta-ages' ago. You guys made great representatives for the Belgian as well as the German part of SL. ;)

Pieter Bosch said...

* grins* chippendale , you forced me to strip :D *

Looker Lumet said...

Pieter, you did not had to, if you did not wanted it, ;)
But I still have some pictures of you, and you really look nice like a "chippendale",;)