Thursday, June 28, 2007

Second Life - My worst nightmare

(Picture from SL Blogmeet June 16th)
Another evening in SL.
As usual, when you log in at the grid, you receive a lot of notes, in which club, where you are a member off, there is a party going on, or is planned to start soon.

For a change, I decided to join some friends at Strawberry beach, as there was a contest for best male/female outfit.

Not for the contest itself, but I was not in the mood to visit SL4B again, having these lag problems, waiting for the moment that your pc has rezzed everything, so you can make a snapshot, but than it appears that the button “save” does not light up, so you can not take that snapshot, and someone else beats you to it (haha Bella)…….No not today, not for me, thank you.
So I went to that party with my “blogger gathering” outfit, which I think is a beautiful outfit for many parties to come, when I should feel like it to compete in the contests.

The new Second Life release on Tuesday, 25th June, was, to me anyway, not a success. On Tuesday itself I tried to log in, when I received the note that there was an update, not the 1.18, but an intermediate one. It already started then, I could not update because of my security settings? Never had that message before. So, because it was late, I did not perform an update that night. I did it yesterday, by going to the download site from Second Life.

New update, new problems…..

I logged in, having no friends in my list (again, pfff), my clothes did not want to rez, even though I was at a place with very little to rez and no one in the neighborhood.
Ok, I thought, than I go with half my clothing on to the party. Once arrived, everything started to rez, but also noticed that other avatars had the same problems: very slow rezzing. And now the 1.18.00 update has been delayed….;pffff…..I wonder if that would change anything. I am loosing faith, but… big problem….I am kind of addicted to Second Life.

I crashed twice, (hurray only twice!), and I was not the only one, and trying to get some votes for the contest. I noticed too, that when you crashed you lost your votes, and even your subscribing to the contest. So it happened to some avatars, bad luck for them though.

After my first crash, I was lucky that the control panel seemed to have some troubles, so the voting had to start all over again. For everyone. The second crash happened at the very last moment. Shit, I thought, why now? And you know, when you have to wait until you can log in again, that can take some time. To have patience is a virtue, they say.

Finally, after a few minutes, but it seemed very long, I could log in again, and when I arrived, fully rezzed, at the grid, I suddenly saw a message in my left corner, that I received an email from the contest board saying: “The object 'Contest Board V2.03' has sent you a message from Second Life:
You won the contest 'Best Costume Of The Night”

For once, Linden was in favor of me, they did not throw me out off the list, while crashing. And for once I can say: Thank you, although I know they had nothing to do with that, haha.


vint said...

Congratulations on the best costume! And one of the things I've learned in SL: WHATEVER they claim an update to be, if it's not obliged, wait at least two days before installing it. If it is obliged, cross your fingers, tows and light 64 candles. :d

Veronique Kaminski said...

or, as I do: just stay away for a couple of weeks and swallow 2 or 3 updates at once... oh, I love these adrenaline kicks.. ;-}

Looker Lumet said...

Now I log in with three "different" programs, the nomal grid, the "windlight first viewer" and the "Voice first viewer". I have tried them all yesterday, but I crashed (I lost the count)more then 10 times, with all three of them.
Veronique, just to stay out of SL for so long......waw, I really can not wait so long. I have already given up smoking, and now SL, no way......;)not even for 2 or 3 weeks.