Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Contest at the New Mardes - Victory !!!

The contest at the new Mardes Club is finally over. A month can be very long, I can assure you that. But at the end the victory taste good.
I would like to thank this way in the first place, Yum Yum, who pointed the place out where I could make some beautiful pictures. And she was right.
Of course all the people who voted for me, and in particular Wilma and Flok, who did a great job as campaign leaders. Without them, I doubt if I had won.
I also would like to congratulate all the candidates, as their pictures were all really good, but especially Vint and Angillilah, who finished second and third in the competition.
And finally, and I hope I did not forget anyone, I would like to thank the organizers of the contest, AnnSophie, Vacature and Secondlifecrew.be, as they did a marvelous job.
When you would like to see the results, look here.
I don't know when the awards will be handed over, but I will surely report it on this blog.

Thank you all for your support !!


JayAre Ewing said...

Congrats Looker!

Looker Lumet said...

Thank you Jayare!