Monday, July 16, 2007

Read All About It : The SL Bloggers crashed the sim !!

Last night, the Second Life Bloggers had a fourth gathering,or better said party. Theme yesterday was "Pirates". So, everyone was dressed as a pirate (or captain, or mistress), and the whole night there was "drunken" sailor (pirates) music.
Since the start of this group, a lot of bloggers have joined this group. And of course everyone would like to be present at this blogger party, which was for a lot of them the first time.
Once arrived at Dinee Ghia's place, you could see that the group has grown, for me that is. There were a lot of unknown people (bloggers), but that is why such events take place, to get to know each other.
And on the other hand, to see a fellow blogger, which blog you already comment, but never could really put a face on him/her.
After one hour it was already difficult to move, to take pictures, and suddenly, it happened, the sim crashed. YEAH!!! WE DID IT!! The Second Life Bloggers did crash the Linden Sim. Big news.
Once we all got back, we tried it for a second time, but I guess, a lot of fellow bloggers were not interested anymore, to make the Linden's work again.;))
And as there were less bloggers at the party, the party began to have the same old traditions. The ladies were having it too hot, and feel the urge to ress a pole for dancing, with , of course, less clothes on, as they started the night.;)
Conclusion: When is the fifth blogger party?;)

PS. Check all pictures at my flickr stream


Chloe Streeter said...

Awww, I missed out on the pole dancing!

Maybe next time :)

Looker Lumet said...

Sure you will, and then I will not miss you!;)

tiana meriman said...

hehe a lot of people missed out on the pole dancing since it was only at the very end that zoe rezzed the pole that i danced with ^^