Thursday, October 4, 2007

Another Marketing move in Second life: Evian's skin Giveaway

Evian, the French mineral-water people, are conducting a pretty good marketing initiative in Second Life which shows the company, or at least its ad agency, understands how to promote effectively to residents. Basically, it’s a RL-SL match-up with low overhead for the RL brand and a good traffic booster for the SL company.

Marketing responsible Jeff Caswell :” Evian always had its hand on the pulse of what’s hot. With build-it-yourself virtual worlds, fantasy lands and video games increasing in popularity, we felt that Second Life was a fitting platform for Evian to make its virtual debut. The initiative puts an “unreal” twist on Evian’s 2007 ad campaign tagline: “The most important body of water is your own. Fill with care.”

They have asked RealSKIN to make 6 free avatars skins and shapes, male and female, Caucasian, Asian and black, and are distributed at next locations:

This is again a step into Second Life from a major company with a remarkable strategic and marketing move.
Do you remember your first day to arrive on the grid? How did you look, what was the first thing you wanted to change? That was that awful newbie look, isn't it?
Well now, and the subscribers to SL are still growing, newbies have the chance to have a pretty neat skin and shape to explore the grid.
If this is a profit making marketing move or not, I will leave that to the specialists, but at least you can say that the entrance was noticed and that thousands of newbies will have there possibility to have an upgrade of their skin, without making extra costs in the very beginning of their second life.


Sand Posthorn said...

I'd say it's totally working ! Loaaads of people when I got in there, and the asian and black options are really GREAT ! Didin't like the caucasian ones that much, but maybe cuz the offer is larger and everyone knows I'm addicted to some skins already, lol

Anonymous said...

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Chloe Streeter said...

Ooooh, I'll have to check this out tomorrow when I'm on! Never pass up a free skin :)

Looker Lumet said...

@ Chloe, now you know what to do when Tobie is not online.;))

@Costa Rica: Thanks for your comment, but please don't use this blog for your ads, or I have to remove them. Thank you.

@Sand : thank you for sharing your experiences with these skins with us.