Monday, October 22, 2007

The End is Near.

As I told you last week, EagleWolf ran out of prims on Doornroosje in Second Life. And he still wanted to build. So, what would be the best solution to solve his hunger for building…..indeed, buy another place.
One day, he sent us an invitation to visit a place that he bought. Exactly like the previous time, he wanted to show us his latest buy. A small island it was, not so big as the other one, but I can assume, with much more prims
The next time I visited the spot, there were some stones, just like those from Stonehenge. In the middle of these stones there was a campfire, with tree-trunks, to sit on, around it. At that time I had no clue what his intentions were, but I soon found out.
He started to built a whole new castle in the Second life sky at 300 m. And not just a normal castle, not at all the same as Doornroosje. When he started , together with another friend, Vera Leven, there was not much to see, except some walls and a labyrinth inside. I don’t remember how long they were working on that basic part, but I assume it has strong foundations.:))
Vera has built SUDOKU games in the labyrinth, something I never saw in SL before..., and from there they built their way up, in several floors. And on top of it, they made a gathering place, where there could be some performances on a stage, where you can drink Guinness draught, where you can have a laughter and dance. Indeed, it is not a Belgian pub Eagle made, but an Irish one, also with a juke box, full of Irish pipesongs.;))
Eagle and Vera have accomplished another piece of art, another building in Second Life, a place for friends to gather, to have fun, to dance, just like we used to do. Some of you have already visited the place and they can only confirm, even though they have seen it all yet.
You will be able to visit the place at Thorns, Eagles Nest & Wolf Henge 50.95.22. There you can find a kind of balloon. You right click your mouse, take a seat, right click again and touch. The balloon will take you on a short journey to the entrance of the Irish looking pub.
Soon, the place where that other castle, Doornroosje, is standing, Roses, will be sold. If you are interested to visit the place, you will not have to waste any time.
If you are interested to buy the place, please IM EagleWolf Kubrick inworld.

Picture of this new place will follow soon.


Sand Posthorn said...

Gosh ! U shouldn't right titles like that, Mr. Lumet ! :PPPP Not a healthy way to start one's week, lolol

Luckily we get to understand it after reading the post :))) Hope we're have a launch party !! (preferably in a moment I can actually attend, hehehehe)

Looker Lumet said...

You used to call me LL, now it is Mr. Lumet. I feel like I am getting
And don't you worry, there will be parties enough to come.

Sand Posthorn said...

Looking forward for the next party, M'sieur :PPPPPP

Looker Lumet said...

I will personally invite you, Madame.;P