Thursday, October 18, 2007

How to ....... in Second Life

Two new official books from Second Life, about Second life to be published soon.

The first one is about making money in the metaverse.
Let's say you have a fashion boutique you're trying to establish. Or a great new toy shop. Or you're getting going with a prefabs business.
There are several important marketing methods you're going to want to pursue as you attempt to raise community awareness of your products and/or services. And Daniel Terdiman has written at length about those methods in the marketing chapter of his book, The Entrepreneur's Guide to Second Life, which will be published by Wiley next month.

The second one is written by Aimee Weber and is titled Creating your world: The official guide to advanced Content Creation for Second Life., and will be published next week.
This book is all about how to become better known in the Second Life community--and thus to boost awareness of your business.
What the author Aimee Weber said in an interview was this: "Volunteer for work, especially charity work. This will get your name associated with a reputable and respectable cause."
She explained herself later in a comment: "Well the problem I was addressing was how to land a contract or job when you don't have professional references. The content creator basically has three options:
1. Get the job without professional references. That's pretty difficult! If you stick with it long enough, somebody may take a chance on you which will give you the reference you need for the next job. But waiting and hoping is not a proactive move.
2. Work for free for a corporation. This will not only give you your reference but also provides you an "in" with a company that could lead to more lucrative corporate work and contracts.
3. Work for free for a charity. This gives you your reference while doing something good for others.
There are reasons why one would prefer to donate time to a corporation instead of a charity, but morality wouldn't be one of them.
People routinely write off charitable donations from their taxes, but that doesn't mean they donate their money FOR those write-offs. The truth is, charities really need our help and are happy to tell others when/if you have proven yourself to be conscientious and hard-working."

The reason why I post about these two books, is because it all has to do with marketing. This time not from a big company, but for yourself, as entrepreneur and blogger in Second Life. How to make business in the metaverse, how to get your name known etc... especially, when you have a shop, or you have something to sell.

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Sand Posthorn said...

Hope this may help RL corporates to understand that communicate in-world has nothing to do with their usual RL marketing moves. Great info, LL, this is totally public work ! :))))