Friday, October 19, 2007

I won't let you down.

Sometimes it takes a lot to keep finding the right information about Second Life to post on my blog. Sometimes I really don’t feel like doing it, but always have the urge to take care of my readers, and oblige myself to post an article.

Today is one of those days. Having a lot of work in RL, I don’t have the time to surf for a long time around the metaversed world, to find an eye catcher.
Nevertheless I could not get it over me of not writing something on my blog. As the style of this blog has changed over the months, I think I really need to add more personal stuff, personal experiences, along with the news or information I find on the web.

So, in the next period, you will be able to find again more stories, about me, about my friends, that is, if you would be interested in that of course.

I wrote already several articles about Eaglewolf Kubrick, a dear friend of mine. He created, together with four other friends, Doornroosje, an island where there was always fun, always someone to talk too, and a nice place to hang around too. (Doornroosje = Sleeping beauty)
This island has moved to a place where there were more prims, and thus, more possibilities for Eagle, as we call him, to build his castle again.
After some weeks, there were some complains from neighbours, having trouble with the noise, coming from Doornroosje’s place, but was, to be clear about that, not from any member of Doornroosje. So after a few days, Eagle gathered all his courage, and started all over again. Building from day to day at his new castle, where there was no fear that any of the neighbours would have to complain about.
Soon, after this magnificent idea of castle was almost finished, he had the urge of seeking new prims, as the ones on this island were almost eaten. He tried to persuade some neighbours to move, so he could buy their land, but did not succeed.
This castle of “Sleeping Beauty” (Doornroosje), is in fact the old one, but built upon a huge “ dungeon” where there is a place to party, as we used too. And above that, there is the castle, with a beautiful romantic garden with a fountain in the back.
But it took too long to build, and the people were gone, there was no one left to party anymore, despite all the efforts of Eagle. Only a few members were returning regularly.
But EagleWolf would not be EagleWolf, if he did not find new challenges……and he did.

To be continued…..


Sand Posthorn said...

Awwww !!! I KNEW there had to be dungeons anywhere !!! Shame on you, cuz u didn't took me there ! Mmm... also sure there must be a whip at the castle somewhere !

To be totally honest, the night you guys invited me over it was one of the greatest times I had lately !!! Totally crazy and deliriously fun ! Can't wait to be able to go there again - but this time for a full tour, if possible... dungeons included, of course !

And btw... we all like stories, and can't wait to read yours, LL ! *winks

Looker Lumet said...

No Sand, you are wrong, you never visited the place where I was talking about. The place you were invited to, is another castle, where I will tell about in a next article.
But it was the same fun we always had
at Doornroosje. I will take you there too, you will see that I was not lying.