Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New challenges in my Second Life

It has been a while that I posted a story of my own, and I thought maybe now is a good time to write about some experiences on the grid.
I have been busy, very busy the past days. Working from some disappointments trough out in some new challenges, which makes life (second one) so much more interesting.
Sometimes life can be strange, one moment you have no expectancies, the other one, you don't know how to manage it all together. And all that can change in just a second.
This blog of mine has definitely his advantages for me. First of all, you meet new people, who are commenting this blog, writing their own blog, me, visiting their blog etc.
Secondly it is a way for me to express myself in another language, that is not my native one, and learn throughout the days, not only the language, but also the applications on the web, which comes with it. It is fun doing that, and I will keep on doing it as long as I am having fun looking for and posting articles.
What gave me another look on all this, is that I was privileged to meet new people lately, and somehow, made me feel good, getting to know these people.
Colleague bloggers, who have the same passion (writing on the blog), and are open to new ideas, that is the only thing what it takes for me to get a new fresh breath in Second Life.
You already could guess it, yes....I am working on a project together with another fellow blogger, and this experience alone, is worthwhile to keep on doing the things that I do.
We have only met each other recently, but I know now, from the few conversations we had, that we can work something out, that will give a new aspect to my work in Second Life, and of course not only mine.
Now, I can only say, wait and see, as I will post about it when it is the time for it. It is still in an early stage and still needs a lot of work and communication to finalize it.


Sand Posthorn said...

We all need some renewal work from time to time, I guess. And sometimes an external push is necessary, huh ? Wish I could always find the strenght to do it from deep inside of us, but most of the time we really depend on each other to bring into our worlds new perspectives and ideas. Woot ! Take your time, ok ? I decided I will keep still and... knit ? lolololololol

Anonymous said...

Je doet 't prima...doe zo voort en je komt er wel...met hier en daar wat goede hulp zie ik 't nog goed komen!!! En idd in elk leven kan 't op ene sec veranderen...
Enheuu btw mooie tekst heb je weer neergeschreven..zou 't niet beter kunnen ;))

Grtjes Freggeltje

tiana meriman said...

it sounds all so mysterious and interesting, i cant wait to see what your working on ^^

Joonie Jatho said...

It does sound mysterious and has piqued my interest! :) Can't wait to find out what it is. Your enthusiasm is just what I needed to keep going.

How exciting!

Pieter Bosch said...

mhhh a secret project , *me* stares around and whispers ... tell me , i'll shut my mouth ;).

serious , dear looker love your blog , i read it everyday...keep up the good work!

Looker Lumet said...

Waw, thank you all for the comments,I did not think that with this article I could make you move to write some comments, but I am glad to see you are all interested to know what I am doing.
All I can tell you is, that it is a project that I have not seen yet before in SL.
But I promise, everyone of you, will be the first to know when the time has come. I appreciate your interest!!

Sand Posthorn said...

/me laughs at Looker... noooo pressure ! hehehehehe

Totally loving every bit of it ! :)))

Raul Crimson said...

Hey, Mr. Lumet. You secret man you, waiting to know more about your project soon.
Thanks for sharing, for posting, for giving us your thoughts.

Looker Lumet said...

@ Sand: indeed there is no pressure on this project, you just have to be

@ Raul: as you could read, everyone is dying to know what I am up to, but the same rule for everyone, when the time comes, you will be the first to know.
You know, reading these comments, gives me a feeling of.....why not wait a little bit more before telling them.;)))))

Sand Posthorn said...

mmm... now u're being totally mean, LL ! Guess we'll all have to become sleeping beauties, otherwise we'll just go on jumping on our toes trying to sneak for a bit of it, hehehe