Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Oops, Linden Labs did it again!

What was supposed to be a nice evening among friends, became again a struggle for staying on the grid, pffft.
After I was logged in, and was having a chat with some of my friends, we received a message that our sim was closing down within 5 minutes.
With the experience we had, nothing to fear, just go to another sim, and everything should be solved. Nothing was less true.
After a couple of minutes, the message of 3 minutes left, showed up. We were joking, and saying who is staying here the longest….?
But I did not wait till the last minute, I was playing save, and tp’d myself to my home. I had still the message on my screen of the last 3 minutes, that I deleted, and what did I see underneath that? Another message saying we still had 30 seconds to leave the sim. Haha, not with me, I thought, I was safely back at my place.
But what happened…….exactly, we were thrown off of Second Life. Apparently Linden labs were having a master clean up, with all sims at the same time.

Reading in the meanwhile on the official blog: “The rolling restart is a little more aggressively scheduled this time than in times past. Logins for some residents may be slow until the restarts are finished. Also, the nifty trick of wave-jumping the restarts by TPing to the Northwest is unfortunately no longer supported - the restart order is no longer dependent upon map location. In exchange for this inconvenience, the restart should be finished much sooner.”

This was of course the best timing to do that, for the Europeans, at approximate 22.00 hrs.. Probably, Second life is meant to be amusing only for Americans. No taxes, no problems with rolling restart, as it happens in the middle of the day, when everybody is at work..;))

After this inconvenience, I was trying to log in again, but you can guess what happened. Exactly, …..nothing. I rebooted my whole system, and tried again. Sometimes the screen was hanging, without doing anything, another time I got the message that the servers were not available, or not connectable.

It took me almost half an hour to get back on the grid, but by then, my evening was almost finished. Perhaps I was better stayed in my seat before the television, and fall a sleep in the middle of a movie ;))


Sand Posthorn said...

hehehehe, totally know what you mean ! I was locked inside this infohub sim with all kind of living beings and gooosh - heard the moost silly conversations since I was a noob myself. I had almost forgotten lots of people do engage in that sort of chit chat, hehehehehehe (ok, I do have some prejudices agains chit chat, lol)

Veronique said...

hooray!!! But anyway.. since we are going to pay other (higher) prices then most of the world (see all VAT issues everywhere on the blogosphere), it is normal too that we receive the extra features like these restarts during "European" hours... remember the timing of the wednesday updates in the good old days..