Monday, October 8, 2007

Praga Kahn in Second Life

Sunday afternoon, there was a very special event going on , at the Strawberry Island in Second Life.
After the two previous sold out tours “The next Dimension” en “Code Red”, Praga Khan launches, from October 25th, their third innovative show “Frame By Frame, "Where Art meets Technology”, and is to be seen till December.
Next to the integration of different musical and artistic performances, several innovative technologies will be used in their shows such as: intelligent clothing, innovative 3D projections, avatars, virtual worlds, etc...
And that is where SL comes in.....

The Belgian group Praga Kahn, was preparing their tour, with some video clips taken in the virtual world. The invite for this event came rather late, otherwise I would surely have attend this occasion, but according to it was a success.

During their show, the audience will be able to see and meet the virtual world on a screen, with snapshots and clips, taking in Second Life.
Singer of the group, Maurice Engelen, was of course present at this happening, with his avatar, and gave some explanation, while the technicians were making the takes for the clip.
The whole happening took about one hour, and we are curious to see how the results will be with our friends avatars in the picture.;))
Let's hope they will put the clip on their website.

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