Thursday, October 18, 2007

Second Life Survival game - I am Legend

Based upon the forthcoming adaptation of Richard Matheson's classic science-fiction novel of the same name, the Second Life Survival Game offers fans an opportunity to go inside the world of the film and explore its physical universe while inhabiting a number of different characters.
Technically "The Omega Man" is a rip off from the 1964 Vincent Price movie '"The last Man on earth", which was based on the book "I am Legend". In fact they could call it the "The Omega Man- the remake".
The movie is coming to the theatres, but now there is also a game in Second Life, based upon Will Smith's movie "I am legend".

An incurable, unstoppable man-made virus is basically killing everybody and the people that are left fall into infected and uninfected people. The goal is to find a cure to this virus and survive. You can play as a Darkseeker, an infected human, or an infected dog, or you can play as an uninfected human of a police dog. You go in the game and you get to actually choose your factions, specifically the class. You can be a dog class or a human class.

After reading several blogs about the convention of San Jose, the conclusion is that Second Life is, with no doubt, the most attractive virtual world for all companies for their marketing. You can not deny, you can not look besides them, all the moves of well known companies, in this case Warner Bros., to be part of the virtual world, and to have them noticed with the help of Second Life.

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