Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sector 13 - City of Abaddon

Yesterday I had some disappointments in Second Life, and was talking about it to a friend of mine. As you all already know, you can have that in your second life too, those moments that you don't know if all makes sense.
But I don't want to write about these things on this blog, I want to show new things , new pictures, all new experiments that I encounter.
So, this friend invited me to a place, where, and you will not believe it, where there was no one else, just the two of us. Amazing!
And what is more, this place was magnificent.
These last days , I discover new SIM's on Second life, who are worth to visit more than once.
The sim he took me, Sector 13 - City of Abaddon, was build with such a detail. Never seen like it before, although the Cannery Rezzable is also a similar place.
In one corner you could find a small Chinese village, with market place, even the wooden beams had these Chinese description on them. At the other side it was an abandoned city, with cars crashed, as if an atomic bomb had just fallen.
Check the other pictures in my flickr stream, as usual.


Sand Posthorn said...

YAY !!! Tottally sounds my kind of place, LL ! Can ahrdly wait to take my tail off to visit it ! :)

Looker Lumet said...

With or without tail, it doesn't matter....;))