Saturday, October 20, 2007

Track Hax......on track

I hear you asking....who is Track Hax?

Track Hax is co-founder and managing director of and Avatrait Gallery inworld.
Many Second Life artists, have their art work at the Avatrait website.(Looker Lumet included, ;))
To know why he started this gallery, you need to know something about his RL life, as he always had an interest for art.
"My imagination kept me good company when I was younger. I always liked fantasy art, really any art that could expand on reality. I always wondered what it would be like to be able to go to the places of fantasy, to meet the characters of imagination. For me, SL art is that."

With this passion he looks for the finest art in Second Life, with an eye of an expert.

"Anyone can take a snapshot in Second Life, but not everyone can create a work of art. And that walks me into the second question. I look at thousands of images every week and although I enjoy almost all of them, I'm looking for the best. Technical excellence, the creative component and will it sell. There, I said it, will it sell? I think the very best work in SL will sell and that is why I want to expose and promote it in the real world. I have already placed our artists works in a retail store in Chicago Illinois. Several well respected Galleries are going to be showing works from our Gallery. The value is already there, we just have to introduce it to the art loving public."Now Track Hax, which is his avatar name, has made a blog, where he will post every interesting article, so everyone can follow his journey to different locations, his meetings with Linden Lab, the expansion of Avatrait.
And that is exactly why I put this on my blog, as I think it is worthwhile to follow someone with a passion for Art, addicted to Second Life Art, and making a dream come true, not only for him, but also for all those artists, who are trying, not only to make the best shot in SL, but also to make a piece of art from that shot. Therefore we can say that all those artists in the Avatrait Gallery are really artists, and should be considered likewise in RL.
Track Hax his blog can be found on the Avatrait website, or with this link.

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