Thursday, November 1, 2007

"Camping" catwalk in Second Life

When going through some blogs this morning, I noticed this post about a certain catwalk in Puerto Banus. Being in the Lindens' Top Twenty sites by foot traffic, I found it remarkable enough to visit the place myself, and see how innovative this is.
Everyone knows for sure the campingspots, where you, and certainly in your early Second Life,
can sit to earn your first couple of Linden dollars. You sit and do nothing, just wait till time flies by, and Linden on your account goes up, one by one, or, if you are lucky, and found a good camping spot, three by three.
I convinced myself by visiting the place, and indeed, the avatars, walking on one of the catwalks, were fixed to an animation embedded in the floorboards, which was making their avatars automatically "sashay across the catwalk like so many Tyra Banks marionettes."
"We pay the models to parade on the runways and exhibit our traders' designs and other designs in SL," Puerto Banus manager JR Sands tells. "I look at it as 'earn as you go job' rather than just sitting on a camping bench to boost traffic.", I could read on New World Notes.
In the early days you could earn your first Linden on a campingspot, buying some fashion clothing with it, and start your wonderful alternate lifes. Now you can start all over again, roleplaying that lifestyle, too, even when you're not at the keyboard, and earn again some Lindens. But the question of it all remains, for who are they showing off? There was no chat, no public, as every avatar present, was on the catwalk, so they were roleplaying to no one, either dreaming at the screen, away from keyboard, or whatever you can do in the meanwhile.
So, as said, it may look better than a traditional campingspot, it is still a campingspot, only with another, or better said, with an animation.
But let's be honest, although I never go to campingspots, it is a good and better alternative to earn your Lindens, only, they could be better be placed at a place where you have visitors, so the roleplaying would have a meaning. Potential buyers of the fashion, would actually see a moving, "model" avatar with the clothing they are about to buy.

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Sand Posthorn said...

hehehehe... one can tell indeed you're not a frequent camper, LL. You really can't imagine how much chat sometimes is going on between the campers in IMs :)

You know there are ppl in SL that are only campers ? And I don't mean campy bots or something, I mean real SLifers, who campa and chat with each other !

I have to confess I have made many friends in camping spots myself ;) So I guess you should give it a go sometime, hehehehe

Btw... a slurl would be nice *smiles