Thursday, November 22, 2007

Career makers in Second Life (part 1)

Going through some articles, and with a tip from a friend, which is necessary when you write a blog, I stumbled on the articles of a few avatars, who are famous (or almost) in RL, with or without the help of Second Life.
Today I start with the remarkable story of Jeff Krantz, known as the avatar Hep Shephard, who gave up his work in the beginning of 2007, realizing that he would never be heard from behind his desk.
He could never anticipate what it would be from behind his Mac laptop in his NYC apartment that the world would hear his original and heartfelt songs through live performances in the virtual world. Krantz has quickly become one of the world's first thriving Virtual Singer-Songwriters.
Playing all around Second Life for the last 10 months, he became a notorious and successful singer. He would never have thought that in the Summer of 2007, he would receive an unexpected letter of support from Cat Stevens, who felt his songs were "meaningful and clear", complimenting him on his songwriting talents, and urged Jeff(Hep) to keep going.
Jeffs music is honest, raw, insightful and catchy. Sung in a soothing and approachable voice with dynamic guitar playing. Krantz is likened with artists such as Cat Stevens, James Taylor and Paul Simon. His voice has a clear and mellow tone, which he uses in performances to capture the intimacy of the lyrics and melodies he writes.
Personally, I did not had the chance yet to hear one of his concerts, but I will look out for it, and report all about it. To read more about this singer, click here.
His next concert in SL would be on Tuesday, November 27th, on the Carabbean Breezes, from 1.30 till 2.30AM SLT (Monday, November 26th, 19u30-20u30 CET)

It is not Slex after all, which makes Second Life so popular, it even helps some people to have a foot in RL, to make a career in RL, all thanks to Second Life.

EagleWolf......what are you waiting for? ;))

Tomorrow I'll bring you the story of another well known person in RL, who has
also an avatar in Second Life.


Veronique said...

its been some month ago now, but I did attend a couple of his concerts.. and it was nice.

These kind of (accoustic) musicians are sometimes a real relief after hanging around and listening to the streams in the average club..

btw, a nice place to listen to "live musicians" is the Hummingbird Cafe. Only a pitty that a lot of concerts are rather late at night for us europeans..

(sorry for the not-paid for ad Looker.. but I spent quite some pleasant hours there..)

Zippora Zabelin said...

*cracking her brain* there must be a mistake in the time: CET is never behind on SLT ;-) But what time do I have to log in to see that concert... arghhh... bloody timezones, I think I'm too late anyway ;-)

Looker Lumet said...

You are right, Zippora, the time is wrong.(it would be morning here, same date) I guess we have to wait until another opportunity that he will play at a more convenient hour for us.;)