Saturday, November 3, 2007

Cars and girls in Second Life.

I have been looking out to do this job, as I know Amanda Shinji has something to do with cars. And I happened to have a job in the automotive world, so I am interested in cars alright.
She asked me to do a photoshoot for the OMG calender, and the Dark Eden girl of the month. So I took the challenge, to take pictures, for the same purpose as I did for Veyron. And I was curious to found out if they were as good as the other ones. But I let you to be the judge of that. The whole photoshoot can be viewed as usual on my flickr stream.


Amanda Shinji said...

I think the photos are amazing, but then I would say that... Thank you SO much x

Sand Posthorn said...

Well, I can be objective, hehehe - the pictures are totally gorjeous, LL ! Look forward to watching the next ones already !

Looker Lumet said...

Thanks Sand!;)