Friday, November 9, 2007

Last impressions of the Cannery show in Second life

Last Wednesday was the last day of the SLArt at the Cannery Rezzable. The sim is staying, the show is over. But this will not mean that there will be no SLArt again, no definitely not, as I heard already that Shoshana has new plans, for a new exhibition in the beginning of next year. All about Stories. And let 's say, that is just the thing I was waiting for.;))
Just a couple of days away now to reveal my project I was working on. And this idea of Shoshana could be just the thing that would give this project and the next one a stimulation to upgrade my work to a higher level, with different aspects, with a different view on pictures.
It was DJ Nephie Eerie, who had us all swinging on Wednesday. Unfortunately, I could not make it to the ceremony.Despite all lag, I was able to take a picture of RightAsRain Rimbaud, who also attended the party, though in a special outfit.;))
You will be able to find the other pictures on my flickr site.

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/me wonders what's going in your mind, hehehe