Monday, November 26, 2007

New Second Life “SLURRENCY EXCHANGE™” to offer best rates, preferred programs.

Evanston, IL – 11/26/2007

Virtual world developer announced their new venture
into the world of Second Life currency exchanges, with the opening
of the SLURRENCY EXCHANGE™,whose main office is located on the
Simuality island.

Simuality founder Antony van Zyl (Hendry Goldkey in-world) was quoted:
“moving into the exchange of Linden Dollars for other currencies is a
natural outgrowth of our efforts to bridge the gap between the real and
virtual worlds”. Initially, all transactions will be PayPal based,
allowing for the greatest flexibility in transactions for Second Life
users world-wide.

The SLURRENCY EXCHANGE™ promises to have the best rates, set daily,
for both those buying Linden Dollars and those looking to cash
out their in-world earnings. In addition, there are “preferred customer”
programs for regular users, with separate structures for frequent buyers
and sellers.

Live avatar attendants are available at Simuality’s SLURRENCY
EXCHANGE™ to help with customer transactions during official hours of
operation at the island offices. Eventually these hours will expand
to 24/7, and access will be available from kiosks throughout Second

Located at
in theNortheast corner of the Simuality sim, the SLURRENCY EXCHANGE™ is
currently open for business from 11am till 3pm SLT seven days a week.
Second Life residents are encouraged to visit and get details about
signing up for the Preferred Customer programs.

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