Wednesday, November 14, 2007

RL catches up with Second Life

"On November 10th, fans of Last Call, a leading SL fashion studio, learned shocking news about one of the company's co-owners on the official website: in late October, the avatar we’d all known as Ginny Talamasca had died."
This was the first sentence I could read in a New World Notes' article.
We are all part of Second life. We all have dreams, that we can let come through in Second Life. But RL still continues. And how hard it is, it is constantly watching behind every corner.
Although I did not know Ginny Talamasca, it is reality, he is no more.
Can you imagine that your friend avatar, would not show up for a couple of days? You are wondering what is going on, why he or she did not come to the grid, and then to find out that he or she died in RL......
In most cases you will find out too late, no chance to pay your respects to the family, nothing. That is even harder than RL, but it is Second Life's reality.
Let this short article be a tribute to a colleague avatar, Ginny Talamasca.

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