Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Thank you Linden Lab

After a whole day work, you come at home, a bit tired, preparing your meal...thinking of what might come this evening.
Oh, why not log in a little bit earlier on Second Life? That might be a good idea, nothing on the television, so what would be better than to have a nice chat with friends on the grid?
But, what is supposed to be prime time in Europe, is not in the US, so what happens...indeed failure by trying to log in. We try again...and again...and again, but despite all the efforts, we are not able to go in.
Immediately I went to the Linden blog, to see what is happening, and yes, there was a notice. Now I am relaxed...Linden will fix it in no time....
" [11:30a.m. PDT]
We are currently investigating an issue where people are unable to log in.

The Ops Team has been notified and is currently investigating the problem."

But what is no time in Linden language? I need to find a new Linden dictionary and see what they mean by saying " is currently investigating" Does that mean they are fixing the problem, or does that mean they will only investigate the problem?

Ok, after approximate 45 minutes they fixed the problem, we are all save on the grid now, thank you Linden for having us. Even if it is only for a couple of hours.;))

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